Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lush - 5 Pots = Free Mask!

As you may have seen in my Makeup Collection Video, I've been collecting up my Lush Pots to get a free face mask, and this week I finished my 5th pot and did it!

I picked the chocolate based face mask, Cupcake just because I couldn't resist, it smells so good that I want to eat it. It claims to benefit younger skins mostly which is handy because well I'm young, and it isn't just chocolate that you're putting on your face. It's infused with so many good things to leave you looking and feeling brilliant. One ingredient in particular stood out to me Rhassoul Mud, which is renowned for clearing out the muck in your pores and giving skin an extremely deep cleanse. 

I browsed for ages but I managed to refrain myself and stuck to this one purchase, that was free in the first place! I love programs like this that pay back loyal customers and give you incentive to come back to the store without being overly pushy. It's very similar to the system MAC have in place, back to Mac. Anywho, do you guys want a review of this mask when I try it out or is the background info enough for you?