Saturday, 21 April 2012

Update - Mum

I mentioned in my This or That Tag video that my mum was in cast from breaking your leg and I had some really nice messages asking if she was okay and how she did it etc. So I just wanted to give you a quick update on how she's doing.

She's been out of cast for a few weeks now, her leg was an old break so she actually was only in cast for 3 weeks which is amazing. While she broke it, she'd pulled all the tendons off and that's what caused the break. So her leg is still pretty weak now even though it's out of cast and she still gets a lot of pain but she just has to sort of grin and bear it at the moment until she builds it all back which sucks but hey, at least she's not still hopping around on crutches. 

She's doing okay and is slowly getting better, thank you all for your kind messages. It really reminds me just how glad I am that I got into this and started YouTube. I've passed on all your kind messages, and again thank you.