Sunday, 8 April 2012

Free Products

I've recently been sent a few free products for review, both through youtube and my blog, and although there's a disclaimer at the bottom of my blog, I'm doing this under the assumption that you haven't to make this post a little bit easier to write.

The disclaimer at the bottom is pretty condensed because there's a limit on what I can say but anyway it's here: 
Some blogs are sponsored, all opinions are my own and I am not pressured to give positive reviews
That sort of sums up what I'm trying to say to you guys in this post. I just wanted to assure you that although I may have been blogging about products that have been sent to me that doesn't mean that what I'm saying to you is any different than what I would be saying if I had bought the products with my own money. I've never been asked or pressured by any companies to say only positive things, and I do try and give a pretty rounded review to you guys whether I buy things or not so I hope I've been succeeding.

That's all I really have to say, ti's sort of a blog defending my intentions and promising you guys that every word that comes out of my mouth is true. I test all the products on different skin types too by using my 'guinea pig friends' who all have different skin than me to try and show you all what the products will do for you if you're not like me...I hope that makes sense. Just a quick side note while I'm talking about the guinea pigs, I'm thinking about naming them and making a page with their photos on it so I could be like guinea 1 and you would all universally know what skin type etc. I was talking about by checking out the 'guinea pig' page. - It would be in the same format as my contact me page. 
<--- along here somewhere!

Okay, so I have defended my virtue and honour, time to leave you guys to it, keep scrolling!