Sunday, 22 April 2012

'Coming out' about Youtube/Blogging

If like me you blog/YouTube then you'll know that sometimes it's a little awkward to tell people about it. Blogging is often seen as a bit of an odd thing to do, and most people don't understand my obsession with makeup st the best of times, let alone when they learn that I spend my spare time writing about it on the internet. And telling people there are videos of you putting on makeup on the Internet doesn't go down much better.

So, I just wanted to do an itsy-bitsy post about how I managed to tell my family and friends that I blog, and well what they thought about it really. The friends was the easy part, just throw it in a conversation or if you get asked about where you got the product you've been reputting on your face all day ready for a review, you just go "oh I got sent it for my blog." The conversation afterward usually goes like, "You have a blog?" Awkward nod. "Is it about makeup or something then?" Awkward nod. "I'm not surprised." If you're so obsessed with makeup, or any other subject, that you have made a blog to tell the world about it, you probably talk about it just as much as I do. Which is well at least multiple times a day. And while all that is good advice, you could just do what I did with most of my friends, go to a party, get more drunk than you should have and tell the world about your blog and your blog stats whether they care/want to hear it or not.

The hard part, for me at least, was getting the balls to tell my family. And since I'm under 18, especially, my parents!! Cue dramatic music and lightening. My dad I sort of told without planning it at all too, I was getting a heap load of stuff delivered all of a sudden and he was like what did you get, I just sort of spoke really quickly ohwellyouseethethingisit'sthisthingyouseethatigotsentforfreebecausewellicanreviewitonmyblog. Yeah, that's how it went. My mum on the other hand was a long overdrawn process. I told her the first week she broke her leg when she asked what I was doing and I honestly said writing a blog post. Thing is, I'm pretty sure it went straight over her head because she didn't even seem to hear me. So for literally a month after that I'd been building myself up to tell her and every time I went to, she dropped a bomb on me or I chickened out. So in the end I text her when I was staying at my dad's house saying something along the lines of "my blog hit 2000 views, yay!" and she replied like well done. That was that. It was a lot easier and stress free than I built it up to be in my head, honestly, if you’re running a blog or youtube it’ll save you hassle in the long run when everyone you know stumbles across it anyway and you have to explain why you didn’t mention it. The only reason I think that there would be a problem is if you were in your early teens and posting videos. But if you explain to your parents instead of going behind their back and tell them how much you love it, they may understand and help you with the process.