Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Career Talk

I’m not going to deny that I took inspiration from ViviannaDoesMakeup especially because I’m looking into the same career path as her, but I wanted to do my own version in a really quick blog post but I have no idea how detailed this will end up being. And, I might use a few British terminologies of things that are related to my university applications so if you have any questions just comment and ask and I’ll reply asap!

Since I’ve been a lot younger, I always looked into universities really far away from my home town, the majority being in London, and all English courses. But then as A levels continued and I started to study Media that became a huge deal or me and I loved it so much, so when the UCAS applications actually came around I went through the course search and picked out every variation on an English Literature and Media joint honours degree possible, literally every single one. I then did typical OCD Bethan move and made a file with the UCAS Tariff Points and major details in this huge ring binder then ordered copies of prospectuses and looked at online profiles. I went through every single detail, when you’re going through the university application process you have to think through all the possibilities, you’re going to be spending three years of your life here, so you want it to be somewhere you’ll love. I’m not going to specify the exact uni I’ve applied to for obvious reasons but I really researched a bunch of things about the uni first before I even thought about applying and I went to open days of a few as well, including my final uni. I can’t stress enough how important research on the uni as well as the courses because you can find the perfect course but the uni might be your worst nightmare. I know some people say it’s not important where the uni is but I disagree, if my university was in the middle of a village rather than London, I think I’d have a different perspective on where I wanted to go and why. I’m not a countryside lover.

After university I’m really interested in the prospect of a PR career, and I’m looking into doing interns during summer when I’m back home so I can go straight into applying for jobs in London and afford to live and feed myself while I’m there. I’d love to specifically go into beauty/fashion PR but working for a company or even as part of an agency that doesn’t have beauty ties doesn’t bother me because I’m so excited about this prospect. I’m already stalking the Diary Directory to keep an eye on all the internships that repeat every year, and there are even paid internships that I’d be interested in doing. But I can’t really write too much about this because, well who knows what’ll happen when I leave university, that’s still another 4 years away from right now so I think I’ll stop my stressing about that for the moment, but I’m actually hopeful that this will help. Yes, this. Blogging. If I can show my passion and samples of my writing along with the fact that I’m emailing and working with a lot of PR companies at the moment then  I think that could benefit me.

I think I’ll call a day here because I have not an awful lot else to say and I feel like I’ve rambled lots.