Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brand Review: ELF

I really wanted to do a series of ‘brand’ reviews for brands that get a little bit of flack for quality, price or just that I would think would be fun to review, and ELF or eyes lips face, is the first in my series of these. Let me know if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see and I’ll willingly do them.

I have had a few hit and misses with ELF, mostly the brush quality has been what has failed for me, in particular the Studio Stippling brush was a bit of a flop, there was nowhere near enough density that was needed and the fibres were too long and floppy, they weren’t stiff enough under your fingers. You need that with a foundation brush, especially if it’s made for stippling rather than the traditional brush that you sort of paint it on. But the eye brushes I’ve used have all been pretty good quality and don’t shed, which I was surprised by. So I’d steer clear of the face brushes but eyes are fine, I had no issue with them.

Apart from that, the general quality of the products has been surprisingly good, especially when you take into consideration the price, but the mark up on makeup profit has been known to be really extreme. I particularly love the eyebrow kit, it’s hands down my favourite product ever bought from ELF but even other things have worked well. I’ve previously used the all over cover stick which smelled amazing and gave surprisingly good finish to the skin. The mineral enriched mascara was also surprisingly good, and you can see a more in depth review of that here in my Mascaras VS post.

Then some of the studio products are amazing including the Daily Brush Cleaner and the Seal and Lock product which is relatively new. I again have a more in depth review of these products from my ELF haul video, I made a post to match so go and have a nose at them here.

Another thing I really love from elf is the nail polish! In particular the shade champagne is gorgeous, it's a beautiful peachy pink colour and on the nails it looks beautiful, with a shimmer sort of frost to it, it really flatters the nails, if that makes sense. And, it makes your nails look sooo long. It's one of my favourites for when I'm shaking my pesky habit of biting my nails. I'd definitely recommend that colour more than anything else.

The most exciting purchase I’ve got from ELF before is definitely their individual lashes, when compared to £5 for the Ardell version, I was very excited. Obviously they’re not the same quality but the ELF lashes do a really good job of creating a subtle enhancement to your lashes while being good value for money. But they’re only good for one or two uses and the glue that comes with them isn’t the best thing in the world. It does still work and does its job, but if you have your own lash glue, I’d stick with that. Get it, stick? I’m sorry, I’m quite ashamed that I did that.
Before I can say anything else embarrassing and awkward I’m going to go, but I’ll leave you with the link to the UK site of ELF here! Please take a look before you judge on their reputation.