Thursday, 12 April 2012

Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon - #03

I've only ever mentioned my Barry M products in my makeup collection video but I want to do a really super duper uber quick review of the Lip Lacquer crayon I have.  

Review about middle colour, red!
I picked up the colour 3 and although when you look at this bright red glitter pencil it is petrifying, there is no need to fear! If you dab this on your lips rather than smothering them his sits on the lips really nicely, but the glitter is annoying, anyway the colour is surprisingly muted and softer than you would imagine on the lips. I'm not saying it's a nude, I just mean, it's not as shocking on.That being said, it could be due to poor pigmentation and colour pay off, which would be really frustrating for some of the more neutral shades in the collection. 
It's a cheap product but the quality isn't appalling, and the lasting time is pretty good too. I can tell I've had it on if I look in the mirror at night from going out with it early.
But my opinion on this product utterly changes if you put it on like a lipstick. That just spells disaster, it looks clumpy, it smudges and does the perfect job of drag queen lips too. The glitter is unflattering on the lips and makes them just look dry and irritated. Plus it feels disgusting on your lips too, it's heavier than even a thick lipstick paired with LipGloss and if your lips hit one another when you talk, you feel the residue of the product. Not attractive. Or appealing for you swearing it either.

So my final verdict is if you dab this on then you're okay...but don't try and overdo it!