Saturday, 28 April 2012

Avon Mask Review

It's probably reflected with the amount of posts I've been doing on this subject at the moment but recently skincare has been a huge thing for me. I've been playing around with new things and giving my skin some time to breath a lot as well. I've even been looking into new things like tanning to experiment with but for now, here's a review on an oldie but a goody. It's two of my favourite skincare products that are an amazing treat for my skin, surprisingly their from the same brand, Avon. Their Planet Spa face masks go for £3 a pop and they're amazing.

Firstly there's the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Facial Mask - try saying that five times fast - which is a sort of bluey colour and isn't supposed to dry out completely on your skin. It's a mud mask which instantly makes links to pore cleansing in my head and that's simply what it does, give a deep intense clean to your skin. It can give you a bit of a purge as it gets all the gunk and grossness out of your skin, but with regular use this helps to give flawless skin  and leave your skin looking soft as well as blemish-free. There's no particularly nice smell for this product but mud masks aren't usually that great smelling but apart from that I don't really have anything negative to say. The tube as lasted me a ridiculously long time too. Really great staple product for skincare freaks! I posted a picture of myself on instagram with this mask on, did anyone guess what it was?

The second mask is  Japanese Sake and Rice smoothing peel off mask. This is such a luxurious mask to me, I use it whenever I want to give my skin a treat. The mud mask is more for deep cleansing, but this is definitely a nice treat, it feels thick and sticky on your skin which somehow for a mask is a good thing, it dries to a nicely soft feel and you just know this must be doing good for your skin. It's quite easy to peel off but you can feel it's pulling dead skin etc with it. The only thing is if you get it near your eyebrows or hairline, owwie! So be careful with that. Apart from that you can't do much wrong. Wash and moisturise your face afterwards and wow, it makes my skin so smooth and soft. Definitely does what it says on the tin. I love this mask a lot and I'd definitely recommend it, I also think it would be good for all skin types to brighten the skin and take away the dead skin. 

I've recently tried a new Avon mask, the Olive Oil Mask for dry skin which is also very good, so all in all. This mask line is brilliant and has alterations for use for every skin type.