Tuesday, 27 March 2012

W7 Product Review

Recently, the nice people at Aqua PR sent me a package of W7 products to review for you, consisting of a primer, lipstick, bronzer and mascara.

The website that officially stocks W7 is http://www.faithcosmetics.co.uk, but at the moment it seems to be down so you can go and visit a New Look store, and I even have a specialist make-up shop that sells W7 products pretty near to me as well which is cool. The products are all really reasonably priced from what I can tell but unfortunately I can't give you exact prices or anything like that until the website's back up and working. Maybe I'll do a post of prices when the website is working again.

So first we have the Big Lash Mascara, now how can I not talk about the packaging of this! It's absolutely gorgeous, and so far so good, usually if you chuck a mascara with packaging like that in your bag it'll all flake off but that's not happened. Now, onto the actual product, the mascara is really brilliant at lengthening and volumising your eyelashes. I don't believe that the formula for mascara is extremely important, as long as it's smudge resistant, the brush does most of the work and this brush is huge! If you watch my videos, you'll know I love that. Some people despise big mascara wands and honestly I don't understand how I think they really help to make your lashes hold a curl and stay for longer. The same can be said for this wand, and the mascara is definitely smudge proof, so I have absolutely no negatives about this mascara.

First off, sorry for how shakey the picture of the lipstick is, my battery was dying and I was desperate to get a picture of the embossing on the bullet. I'm going to talk about these two products together because of the swatches, it'll be easier for us all. Since I've already mentioned it, I'll start with the lipstick in Poppy. I can't say Iove this shade, at all, but I have absolutely nothing against the formula, I think I might actually buy some W7 lipstick in a different colour. My skin tone does not suit this sot of pink based reds, I find it really hard to find the perfect red without looking like a clown so I can't hold it against them and knowing me, everyone else in the world will love this shade. I can say though, the formula is moisturising and long lasting (yes I did still wear it even though I felt like a clown, think of the sacrifices I make for you!), only starting to come off when I brought food and drink into the mix. If I manage to pick up another colour I'll definitely get back to you with the formula.

Now for the miracle that is, 'The Bronzer'. Where do I even begin, the packaging follows the same animal print theme as the Big Lash mascara and again, doesn't chip off in my bag. This bronzer is definitely baked, from the way it sits so smoothly on the skin and the domed shape, it's obvious, therefore I'm already going to love it. Any baked powder feels amazing on my skin, I don't know what it is about it but baked products just sit so brilliantly all day. The colour is a little bit on the orange side which scared the daylights out of me because you all must have seen by now just how pale and pasty I am but it looks pretty good on and actually surprised me a lot because I was expecting to dislike it with the colour. I usually lean toward more grey based bronzers but it's really complimentary on my skin and is perfect to chuck in my makeup bag because I usually use the 'Coastal Scents Blush Palette' so this is really convenient.

This primer is amazing value for money, with my googling it seems to range from £7-10 which is really great especially for a primer. If you've watched my foundation routine video you'll probably remember me saying about my dislike for primer, mostly for the price. I do stick by my guns and say I don't need to wear primer but this is really mattifying and smooths over and fills out pores beautifully. I wouldn't wear this on an every day basis but I personally love the dewy finish to skin. I do definitely recommend this primer if you have oily skin and you're looking for something to keep your skin matte all day this and a powder over your foundation will keep you matte all day without any touch ups! It's really amazing value for money as well so if this is the type of product your looking for, give it a shot and there's no way you'll be disappointed.

All in all I was extremely surprised with the high quality of all the products sent to me, and W7 definitely deserve more recognition. If you try them you definitely won't be disappointed. they do an amazing job at creating affordable products that are still brilliant quality.