Friday, 2 March 2012

Spring Fashion - OOTD style

So, Spring is starting to arrive, and with it the days are getting longer, and considerably milder. To go with this slightly warmer weather, here's a blog of my most worn Spring outfits! They're all really simple and some are variations on the same outfit with different jewellery to change up the look. Now, there will be lots of photo's, be warned!

 Firstly, this outfit it one of my favourites. And although the post isn't that flattering, in person this dress looks amazing. The bright floral print adds to the spring feel but the denim jacket and long sleeves even under that help to keep you warm, because it's not exactly summer still! The cut of the dress is literally where the photo ends by the way. It isn't particularly long, just sort of tea dress length.

Plus the lace peter pan collar is really cute! To tie this in with the outfit I wore little lace socks from River Island along with brogues also from River Island. I really like this feel, it's almost vintage and just really cute in general.

For jewellery I wore this adorable fox ring that I got from topshop and love to pieces along with simple bracelets that I tend to wear on an everyday basis. Unfortunately I can't tell you where to get them from because the Jesus bracelet was from a tiny shop that isn't a chain store in my town and the gold bangle I found when moving. 

This next outfit is pretty simplistic and this is primarily the outfit I was talking about that I pair with different items to create a different look, in particular I throw different jackets over the top as well to make it look like a completely different outfit. It's a simple black, baggy top that's sort of 80's style and off the shoulder, you can get these cheap from a number of places easily. Then skinny jeans mine are actually an old pair I got from primark years ago! 

For this look in particular, I paired them with these purple boots I have and a simple crystal necklace wrapped around my wrist twice to create a bracelet. Obviously, the boots were the focus of the outfit so I didn't want to take away from that with chunky jewellery. 

However, on the opposite end of the scale, this top also looks brilliant paired with LOADS of chunky jewellery, making them the focus rather than this simple top. I again, wore my river island brogues with this look. The ring is from new look, and the necklace is from primark. Again, can't tell you about the bracelets. I steal/inherit from my mum a lot, but it's just a simple wooden bangle.

This outfit is one of my favourites ever. It's so simple and cute, yet the colour in the scarf and the big silver cuff makes it sort of interesting and fun. Again, I'm wearing my primark skinny jeans, but this time with a 'swing' top I got from M&S which is really amazingly flattering. There's almost an empire line in it and the sleeves gather with elastic, as well as there being a big of a poof in the shoulder, which I sort of need for my shape. The scarf, again, stolen from mum but the statement is a floral scarf so anything you own would be perfect for this, there's no need to be precise. 

A close up shot of the scarf pattern and the cuff. The cuff is really unusual and pretty, I love it to pair with something simple like this to add a bit of detail. It's again stolen from mum's stash, sorry! I need to ask her where she shops most and tell you all where you can get these from. But she accumulates stuff she doesn't wear over the years and well, I just take them.

This top is from topshop, but years ago. The print is just a black and white flower and I love it. The empire line hides any lumps and bumps and the length is really flattering as well. I always wear this with a denim jacket and usually a long chained, owl necklace which just broke before I took the pictures for this post. But you can get them from topshop - I actually have another one, just not with me. I think a necklace like that looks brilliant with this outfit and just sets it off right! I'm also wearing the fox ring and wooden bangle shown earlier in the post which I also love lots and I think all together the look is just brilliant for going out shopping or for lunch with a few of the girls.

All of these outfits are also really easily transferred into summer outfits when we finally hit that season too! So I'm not sure if I'll do a summer fashion post, but if you want to see it, I'll do it. Hope you liked this post, and I'll probably have another post tomorrow for you too. Follow my twitter to keep updated with my posting.