Thursday, 8 March 2012


Hi! Just a really quick apology post, not beauty related for the moment sorry guys. This is me giving excuses and you an opportunity to slap me on the wrists, if you're not interested I completely understand, please feel free to look at my other posts which are beauty/fashion related! God knows there's enough of them already.

Anyway, Let me get to the grovelling. I'm so sorry about being so bad with the schedule I set with you all! I've just been so behind with everything at the moment, schoolwork, youtube, blogging and just general life. I've constantly not had enough hours in the day no matter what time I get up or how long I keep going for. I am really trying to get back on track and for the last week or so I've actually been writing into my ipod notes and then emailing them to my youtube email so there's a reminder for me to put them up. I feel a slight bit less swamped lately so fingers crossed from now on I'll be back on track, but if I'm not, hurl abuse at my twitter and you can email me to pull myself together if you want at!

Love you guys, and again sorry! Hope I'm not in the doghouse.