Thursday, 22 March 2012

Skincare Update

Recently I posted a video reviewing my love for the St Ives scrub and I'm sure I mentioned something about my skin being bad or being worse than usual.

Anyway, as a sort of extension on that I thought I'd give a quick skin update and a run down of my daily/weekly products. I'm not going to be too thorough because I'd like to post a skincare video sometime in the near future. So here we go:
  • St Ives scrub, twice weekly
  • Clinique foaming Cleanser, twice daily
  • Neal's Yard Rose daily moisture
  • Avon rice & sake/ mud mask, once weekly
  • No 7 eye makeup remover
  • Generic Toner, once a week.
This has really got my skin back into good shape and I do still breakout and have blackheads etc, but who doesn't, I'm happy with how my skin looks when I go out so I don't mind. I'll do a more detailed video on this probably with demonstration.