Sunday, 25 March 2012

Room Tour?

Hi guys,
This is sort of a post to you rather than at you about something. I just wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in seeing a room tour video? They look so fun and I like watching them because I'm so nosy but I wanted to know your opinion! You can email me, tweet me, or comment below to let me know. If no one is particularly against it then I'll definitely do one.
But! I have one more problem, you've probably noticed I'm constantly in a different background so where would you like me to film my room tour? In the white room or pink room? I don't think either of them are particularly fantastic but you can let me know which you'd rather. The white is probably more interesting because I live there for more of my time and the storage is a lot more inventive than the pink room. :)

Anywho, like I said let me know and I'll shh now.

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