Wednesday, 7 March 2012

OPI polish review - Significant other colour

A while ago when I dyed my hair orange - long story - but the point is, I had to get a specific colour that you can only find in Sally's Beauty Supplies, so I took advantage of my trip and picked up some OPI polish because I'd always wanted to try it. I found a really unusual colour that was purple with green reflex throughout it and looked gorgeous in the bottle called Significant other colour. I never really used it that much, it just sort of got thrown in with all my other polish, but recently, I've been wearing this every day. It's really pretty, unusual, and looks different depending how the light hits it and how many coats you're wearing - which means you can be lazy with colour changes.

I am in love, and although it's really expensive in the UK to get OPI polish, I definitely want to try some more. It's a nice consistency that doesn't streak, although the finish of one coat is sheer. But in the case of this, I like it, one coat doesn't look at obvious as 2/3 but still catches the light really interestingly. It is just a really unique colour that catches everyone eye, even if you know what it is and you painted it a few hours ago.

If you have any suggestions of OPI polishes I have to try or any UK brands with dupes for OPI classic colours (Lincoln Park after Dark anyone?) then please comment below letting me know. Also, if you live in the US, I want to be nosy, how much does OPI cost you guys? I paid around the £10 mark which rounded up is $16. Which is pretty ridiculous considering a Chanel polish is roughly £13 I think.