Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mylikes - FAQ

This is essentially a follow up to my 'mylikes' video I posted not so long ago. I thought since I had a lot of questions there I'd address the top three questions that have been asked a lot about the site and how it works, especially how much money you make from it!

  1. Most asked question: Is it free?
    Yes, it's completely free. You don't make any deposits, or anything. I've been asked if you need money in your pay pal account for it to get paid, no you can literally not have a penny in it but as long as you have earned $2 from mylikes you will get paid on a Friday. If you have anything less than that, your balance will stay at what it is until it gets higher than $2, then it will all be put into your paypal.
  2. How much can you make?
    Well it all depends on the person, you can make anything from $0.10 to god knows how much, all of it depends on your views and the amount of people that click the sponsored links that you post. If you don't have many viewers, you probably won't have all that much money but as the first accumulates so will the latter.
  3. Do I have to make videos?
    NO you can also run a tumblr or a twitter account and you can still make sponsored posts on them. But unfortunately, if you run a blog on a different server - like blogger - Mylikes no longer support them. There was a fault in the FAQ about being able to request a code for your blog if it is on a different site but after emailing them to enquire I can guarantee, that is no longer true. As long as you have a twitter, you can still make money from mylikes though!
I hope that's cleared a few things up!

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