Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mini Superdrug Haul/Review

The first item I got from superdrug, I've actually already reviewed on my youtube channel and that's the St. Ives invigorating apricot scrub. So go and watch that by clicking here.

Next I bought a few MUA products because they were really cheap and I couldn't resist.  Firstly, a clear mascara that was only £1 that I'm using as a brow gel. I've never used brow gel before so I can't really comment a lot on the quality without knowing what others do but I like the effect of what it does and think my brows look a lot more uniform. And for £1 there's nothing I can really fault this product for. So if you're looking for something like this, get down to superdrug. I was surprised to find out it was cheaper than the elf version too!

The next product I got was actually a pair of eyelash curlers. I broke mine months ago and I've been meaning to pick some up for a while and found these, again for a pound so thought there couldn't have been much harm. It's actually crazy how much difference it makes without you realising. You look a lot more bright eyed and awake. I can't believe I haven't got them earlier. They're probably not going to last very long, especially when they're in my makeup bag which is in my bag getting smashed around. I'll get back to you if they break or if I notice a fault in them because they were so cheap, but I've had them for a week and a half/two weeks so I doubt it.

Then, finally I picked up two of the love hearts line nail polishes, I got I <3 U and U & I I'd seen a mention of them in gemsmaquillage's beauty round up video (here) and they looked like opaque pastels in the bottle. I picked up two of the ones that I have nothing else like, but from first impressions on my nail I <3 U was such a let down. It seemed really sheer and patchy, similarly to my Ted Baker light pink (reviewed here) but after a few attempts I realised the formula was not my problem at all, it was that the brush on my packet was faulty. I kind of got a good application but it was streaky because of my messed up brush. They're only £2 so I'm not really that mad about it. But U&I is a really pretty, unique colour that I have never had anything similar to before. I really like how it looks on my nails, and it takes a few layers to get it to a nice even finish but it is a bit streaky with the first coat. I'd definitely say go pick a couple of them up, there's another good few more than just the ones I've got as well as the lipbalms too.