Friday, 23 March 2012

MAC Shop and Cook

I got an email from MAC recently about their new collection being launched in the UK. If you watch beauty youtubers like me you'll probably have already seen a few hauls on it and possibly even some reviews but because it's new to me and the rest of the Brits that visit my blog, I'm still making a post.

It's the joint collections of Shop MAC and Cook MAC both are really fun interesting spring/summer collections with cool colours and bright things in it. But the most hyped products from these collections flat out has to be the tendertones that are an old product which was discontinued a few years ago and now has made a come back in the Cook collection - actually this is a nice segue for their new upcoming collection too which is filled of old favourites that are being brought back for a while. 

The theme of this collection sort of reminds me of old 50's housewives so there's the guarantee that I'm going to love it already just because of that but the products themselves look really interesting too. The Cook collection actually includes a powder as well, which is pretty unusual for a limited edition collection apart from the beauty powders, but this is a 'careblend'. There's the staple eye palettes, lipsticks, dazzleglasses and nail laquers also in the collection too and everything's in really cool colours, like a acid green nail polish called Al Fredo! 

I think the whole concept and colour scheme behind this collection is pretty genius to be honest so go get what you like quickly because the website seems to be selling out fast, especially the tendertones.

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