Sunday, 18 March 2012

ELF Haul Video

Since I sort of half review everything in the video, I thought I'd elaborate for you here! Subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed and be sure to follow my blog too.

ELF brush cleaner
This has a very chemical smell tp it which is a bit annoying but the proof's in the pudding with brush cleaner and as I mention in the video, it's definitely very antibacterial and when you're using it a lot of colour comes out of the brush so this is definitely worth the money.

ELF HD powder
This powder is really finely milled, making it feel smooth on your skin and create a more flawless overall look.  It's a traditional HD powder, it's translucent, which means you have to be careful with quantities or you literally end up with a white sort of tint to your face. But I'm really not sure I agree with 'soft focus' mentioned on the packaging.

ELF Lock and Seal
I used this with a combination of lipsticks, testing formulas etc. It worked well but it's awkward to use if the product is not a pigment but does work well. I wore my lipstick from 12-6 with no touch ups before starting to fade, and I was eating and drinking in that period. That for me is a brilliant result and the price is ridiculously good as well so if you have been sort of sceptical about this - I was - just grab it!

ELF Cream Liner
I'd say that this is a lovely base, really nice creamy consistency but I couldn't imagine using it as a liner. I don't know if it's just the shade I got but it's far to creamy to be a liner and doesn't give the intense pigmentation needed for a liner. It's a good product but it doesn't do what it says it will in my opinion. Still, it's pretty and comes with a travel sized angled brush as well which is good, especially for the price.

ELF Lipstick
This is actually a really great formula. It's not drying and it's so so cheap. I wear this a lot dabbed lightly onto my lips to add a bit of colour rather than the tone straight from the bullet. I was surprised at how long wearing it was so thumbs up to this for sure. I'll have to try out a few of their other lip products.

17 BB Cream
Although I've reviewed everything else here, I already have a review of this up here so i'm not going to be repetitive and I'll just leave you to it.

Apart from feeling like a drag act when you first put these on, I like these lashes. They're pretty funky and cool and I have to admit I like the spikey-ness (it is a word for now, shh). Plus they come with a glue that does actually work a lot better than I ever thought.

TZone Spot Zapper
This doesn't completely get rid of your spot and it stings like a little be-ach sometimes as well, it properly makes my eyes water and everything! But it does help to reduce the spot size and redness, especially if you use it over night and leave the spot well alone. I can say that it definitely dries out your skin if it's over used so you do have to be careful with that sometimes.

All in all, good haul and I'm happy with everything!