Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Clinique Foaming Mousse vs No 7 Foaming Cleanser

I purchased the No7 gentle foaming cleanser months ago and really enjoyed it, it comes out of the bottle into your hand as a foam already. It smells really nice, and with citrus extracts it has a fruity sort of scent. It definitely is a very gentle wash and I don't feel as if it all that deeply cleans your skin. I definitely wouldn't be comfortable taking off my makeup with it either. It isn't extremely foaming and sort of fizzles out in your hand, but it lasts a long time and isn't all that expensive either.


But then along came Clinique and the battle began. The first thing I noticed was that this did not come out as a foam but wasn't the usual consistency of a face wash either. It was almost a mousse that had been mixed around with some foam. But as you put it on your face it just instantly foams all over the place and really gets a good lather everywhere - unlike the No. 7 version. There's round 1. Next, the effect it leaves on my skin is much better, I can feel that there's been a deep clean and I could even take my makeup off with it when I'm out of wipes. Round 2. This is utter vanity but the Clinique packaging also looks a lot better. Round 3. It is more expensive but isn't as extortionate as I expected, it's £15 but I've barely made a dent in it from using it twice daily since Christmas. Round 4. It's got chamomile in it which is really soothing to the skin as well. Round 5. Do I really need any more reasons? I think we've hit knock out point here! 

Anyway, if you can wait that extra few weeks and get a few extra pounds then it's so much better than quickly getting the cheaper alternative and will last you longer too.

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