Saturday, 17 March 2012


I just want to make something perfectly clear to you all....

 I'm so blessed to have anyone ever looking at this blog or my youtube, and it makes me so happy to wake up and check my email to find new subscribers and things like that. It honestly makes me smile, I know that sounds a little dramatic when you compare the amount of subscribers I have to a lot of youtubers. But the fact that people want to see what i have to say and watch me ramble on so much that I wind myself makes me so ridiculously ecstatic. I never feel like I say an awful lot of things of worth but when people subscribe to watch me talk it makes me value myself more and feel more confident within myself, so thank you! I didn't realise how quickly making youtube videos would become a bug to me, I think about it so much and think about when I can film and post. Even though there's only a few of you who'll watch it, and I'm not going to be big headed and try and pretend you wait for my videos, but just that you watch them makes me feel really grateful.

Yes so, i'll shut up now. I just feel like I take for granted the fact that you all watch what I have to say and I wanted you all to realise I do appreciate you! This is just a genuine thank you to anyone who ever reads this post for giving me the time of day and listening to (technically reading) what I have to say.