Thursday, 1 March 2012


As i posted about here, I recently created a beautylish account and I love it! Such a good website, fun ways to review products you have. Especially if you're not on youtube but want to start getting involved in that type of thing.

It takes like minutes to review things and gets you sort of into practise of how reviewing should sound etc. You can review products and specific shades as well as uploading videos -either through connecting from youtube or uploading direct - and upload photos. You can post tutorials too, you have your own profile page with comments section and there's even a forum.

Safe to say, the site has a lot going on but you can't deny that it's in a good way. the layout isn't cramped but also doesn't look empty. Apparantly beautylish is a great way to make friends in the beauty community but I can't say I've used that side of it a lot. I'm still discovering people on twitter all the time! (yes, you hologram girls). The entire concept behind the site feels genius and I love it.

Anyway I really hope you give this site a shot! Comment below with your usernames and I'll follow you! :)