Saturday, 10 March 2012

17 BB Cream Review

I recently bought this BB cream, because I'm trying to wean myself off of wearing foundation, hoping I would be able to deal with wearing a lighter coverage product, and surprisingly I actually really love this product! I'm not a huge fan of 17 as a brand, but I think I might reconsider my perceptions because the quality of this product was brilliant. The packaging reads as the same advertising/beauty jargon as most face products but here's a little of it for you:

"17 BB cream is your 'no make-up make-up - a cult wonder product that gives your skin a complete natural flawless finish. Covers - conceals skin imperfections with full coverage and helps oil control. Enhances - moths an evens skin tone for a flawless finish. Protects - promotes healthy skin with spf protection.'

I completely disagree with the comment about full coverage, but that  being said I was expecting the same sheer coverage as a tinted moisturiser but this is a lot heavier than that. It is still lighter than a foundation though. The colour is good, and does match well to your skin as you blend it in. I'm still messing around with amounts and application techniques but every way I'm trying works really well and looks brilliant on my skin. It has a really natural pink tone to it while still fitting my yellow based skin. Even though I'm yellow-er skinned, some foundations just look literally yellow on me and not natural at all but this walks the line between different tones well and just seems to match itself to your skin brilliantly. It doesn't get affected in a bad way by powder either, some makeup refuses to let you set it without going cakey, no matter what way you apply it or the amount you use...this is not one of those products. I'm currently using it with the elf hd powder and it's really good. All in all, thumbs up for 17 and my skeptical look on them has been smashed.

Also, it has spf 25 and lasts all day, for £6.99? What more do you people want?!