Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Day

So, with Valentine's Day round the corner you can't escape the mounds of Valentine 'Date Night' tutorials on your subscription list. Everyone seems to be doing them and no matter where you turn, one pops up! I'm not really one for the Valentine's celebrations so rather than film a half-arsed tutorial that no-one's really going to pay much attention to I thought I'd just do a teensy post about the perfect eyeshadow for Valentine's and the look I would have done with it...

Now, before you even say it. I know that picture is pretty small, but get the general idea. It's a beautiful bronze with pink undertones and reflex throughout. It's an urban decay shadow which I have from the 'Deluxe Shadow Palette', which also comes with a travel size primer potion.
  • So let's start there, first apply a primer all over your eye, and like all the other beauty guru's on the internet, I use Urban Decay Primer potion, both in sin and natural.
  • Second take a large shader brush, or even one of the sponge applicators. You just want a sweep of colour across your lids. Apply scratch, heavily. Pack it on for the full effect of the colour to come through.
  • Taking a pencil brush, or crease brush, apply a black into your outer V. For convieniance sake, use zero, in the same palette.
  • On top of this apply a brown shaded bronze like sable from MAC and blend it over the black and onto your crease with a blending brush.
  • Take a clean blending brush and shade out the harsh edges left over.
  • Apply eyeliner, mascara and lashes if you're feeling fancy.
  • Take your favourite blusher and also make sure to use a highlight for a 'glowy' look. Everyone says you glow when you're in love, right?
  • I would steer clear of lip products, if you're doing your makeup nice on Valentine's day it's more than likely that you're going on a date, and will be kissing. Printing your boy toy with a bright lip colour might make him think twice about that next date. Also, lipgloss is sticky as hell and annoying when trying to kiss!
Hope you all have fun on your Valentine's and spend it with a loved one. I'll probably be spending it watching 'The Notebook' in bed like I did last year! -x