Sunday, 19 February 2012

Top 10 Beauty Gurus

It's a difficult list to make but I've decided to try and give it a shot. It took a while for me to compile this list, I knew roughly who I wanted in there I just didn't know what order they should be in and found it really difficult to do. Another point I'd like to make is that this is only my top ten, there are so many brilliant makeup guru's out there that should be on this list but I would be listing my entire subscriptions list with that! So here is what I eventually decided, but it's still subject to change in the future.

1) Fleurdeforce
I don't know how I could have said anyone else, she's the user I search for most on my subscriptions list. So smiley, happy and entertaining to watch. She also has a really fluid, clear way of explaining things.

2) Viviannadoesmakeup
I really love her, I have only found her channel recently. Probably been subscribed since around Christmas, but I think she's really sweet. She replies soooo much to so many people on twitter too!

3) Pixiwoo
I genuinely think these girls are so talented! I love all of their looks and I think they both have amazing technique and skill. Plus, with their brush range now out they're sure to be even more successful, and probably come out with their own makeup line too.

4) missglamorazzi
She's so fun, and happy all the damn time! I also subscribe to her vlog channel, her and luke are so sweet and happy. It's really nice to see. Plus she's a fun guru to watch.

5) Juicystar07
I hate putting this here, because all I ever hear about Blair is people bashing her for 'selling out' and about her sponsered videos being fake. I do think that some videos seem a little rehearsed but I still love her videos, she was the first beauty guru I ever watched so she had to be here.

6) AndreasChoice
She's so damn funny, you can't not love her. She makes me laugh but her videos are still good for beauty tips even if you don't like her humour. I think she's got the balance just right.

7) ThePersianBabe
I love her sense of style and just the classy aura she gives off when you hear her speak, while still keeping her quirky edge. Plus, her everyday eye makeup looks lovely, her lower lashes with the sort of smoked effect looks amazing on her. If I did that everyday it would look so harsh! I think she's on this list because I'm a little jealous.

8) gemsmaquillage
Such a sweet girl, she seems so genuine and nice. Also, she introduced me to 4711 cologne. I really love her videos and right now she's going through a bit of a tough spot so I want to send her good wishes and lots of smiles.

9) pixi2woo
Brilliant tutorials. I always loved them, and then when she did Lana Del Rey AND Zoey Deschanel looks not that far apart, they may have even been consecutive, I just became addicted. I also like her outings with FleurdeForce

10) voussontbeautetbelle
It took me so long to remember her username, and I'm on my ipod so it's a pain to search through youtube as well. Let's just say, google came in handy. She makes me smile and brightens up my day, her OOTD's are really good and unique. She always looks georgeous and I'm pretty sure she's around my age too, which is always nice to sort of connect with. She's just a genuinely nice girl, and when I heard about her M.E. I wanted to give her a big hug.

I feel like I said almost the same thing for everyone. Uhoh. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this list, and if you're npt subscribed to any of these, you should be!! A lot of them are British, I think it's just a little easier for me to sort of connect to british gurus, and the products are all readily available in the UK, compared to a lot of US users who are like 'pick this up at sephora'. Hmmm, slight issue with that.