Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ted Baker Beauty: Nail Varnish Set Review!

(Sorry for the bad picture!)

Firstly the packaging is gorgeous, the little box it comes in is perfect for reuse, I actually use it to hold all my stuff I use everytime I do my nails. Remover pads, cuticle remover, hand cream, nail file, nail buffer, all that jazz. It's really pretty and durable. Even just the bottle the polish comes in looks good, the thick, square, chunky bottle is really modern and the gold writing is also pretty. The only thing is that the writing comes off as soon as you put it in your bag though, always annoying.

On to the actual polish, it's a fun range of colours, with a pale, verging on nude pink, bright pink/purple, a navy/purple and a purple that's so dark it's almost black. The two extremes of the colours, light pink and dark purple are the only colours I don't particularly like. Both look streaky and uneven on application, needing 3 to 4 liberal coats for it to be less noticeable. It's still not even then either, and the drying time for that is ridiculous too!

Two middle range colours are amazing quality. I use them almost everytime I paint my nails. I really love the lighter fuschia, purple shade. It's very similar to 'Orchid Street' by nails inc, which is a tad darker than this colour. I wear this more than anything, and actually since christmas I've used almost 1/4 of the bottle already! It looks really pretty with my skintone and not as harsh as a red does on the nails, but still has that sort of feel. The navy/purple is a quite unusual colour, it looks different most times I put it on. The actual polish is more purple based but it is heavily filled with lighter blue reflex making this interesting shade. I carry this in my mini-emergency kit if you've seen my 'What's in my bag' video, and it's handy to carry round because it can cover most polishes if you're nails are chipped and you're out and about needing a quick fix.

Anyway, that's about it. I should be back with more blogs and less slacking soon. I'm sorry! Already falling off the band wagon, but this back to school thing is killing me. As soon as I'm back in the swing of things I'll be on schedule if not more.