Saturday, 11 February 2012


It's an awfully sad moment when you check your new email (made specifically for this and youtube) all excited to see that there's an unread message in it. Oooh, what can it be I wonder? Take a closer look, it's from google adsense! Oooooh, click frantically until it opens. No. Not ooh. We're not excited about this email. Booo. So apparantly, I didn't realise this wasn't set as me being 18, it's set to my date of birth which shows me as 17. I have been rejected by adsense, therefore don't be expecting a domain name until at least after May when adsense may accept me again. I don't really want my mum to recieve my payment for adsense or to even know about this site just yet ether, in case you were going to suggest that because she would either:
  1. Keep the money 'safe' for me. Never to be seen again.
  2. Demand every penny goes into my savings account - wise but still bad for me
  3. Or, sit there and make me delete every single blog post, deactivate my blog and delete all my youtube videos.
None of these options seem appealing to me so I guess I'll re-apply in May.

Adsense Denied.