Thursday, 9 February 2012

Posting Schedule

I just uploaded another video, to go with the creation of this blog explaining it. I'm not going to embed it like I will with all my other videos because all I'm doing is talking about this website! I think it would be a little odd to read about a site that you're already on so instead, I thought I'd talk about when I'm planning to post on here, think a schedule.

Currently my plan is to sit and 'block blog' all of my blogs for the week on a Tuesday night. I have the house to myself and there's no one to disturb me or question who the hell I'm writing to on the internet. Well, currently, I'm questioning who the hell I'm writing to on the internet too...0 readers, 0 subscribers. Anyway, I'm probably going to post roughly every other day or more. I'm working it out in my head to be:
Tuesday          Thursday          Saturday          Sunday          Monday          Tuesday (repeat)

That seems reasonable enough, right? 5 blogs to write on a Tuesday. Just in case I miss a few days though, don't kill me. It's either because my head is in the bin or I have a million and one deadlines and I need my empty house Tuesday's to catch up. Even if my Tuesday block writing doesn't work out as well, I should still be able to blog in the week, it will just be extremely last minute!

Wish me luck on sticking to this though! O.o