Friday, 17 February 2012

Nudes Vs. Brights

Whether it's clothes, bags or makeup. lips, cheeks or eyes. Nudes vs Brights have been a heavily debated topic in the beauty industry. Different seasons means different trends and every year people's opinion on nudes and brights change, leaving us all running to keep up. With spring coming along this year, many designers seem to be favouring brights and pastels. Even makeup artists are reflecting this trend, with a lot of bright cheeks being seen around. And just to show that nudes and brights are all in personal taste no matter what the magazines tell you, I'm not a lover of bright cheeks. My pale pale skin makes me look like a clown but i think on olive toned skin a bright cheek is a perfect way to bring colour to the face and I'm always convincing people to try it so i can live vicariously through them.

However, on the opposite end of the scale a washed out completely nude look has been seen on the catwalk too. Neutral toned clothes and washed out lips with just-off-skin coloured eyeshadow. Slightly similar to the 'heroin chic' look a few years ago, the full face that looks bareface is back. To go with this trend, the popularity of nude nails is rising extraordinarily quickly. Many beauty girls on youtube are also sporting this trend, viviannadoesmakeup and missbudgetbeauty are just two that I've seen mention it.

This spring, as ever the red lip is just as popular as it has been recently, plus along with the red more and more celebrities are seen on the red carpet with bright, perfectly painted pouts in colours like pink and coral.

Bright eyes are also making a comeback in the fashion world, with a lot of bright blue's and pastel colours becoming popular. (mention a makeup brand collection with bright eye colours). A lot of people are scared of bright eye makeup, especially after the disaster of the 80's but if you just want a pop of colour to warm up your face without it being too obvious try a coloured eyeliner, or a dark toned colour in your crease, personally i love sketch from mac. I'm also going to be posting a tutorial on my youtube channel for a wild bright eyes look if anyone is daring enough to try it. Subscribe to my channel to make sure you don't miss it.

So whether you're a lover of nudes or brights, this spring caters for everyone! And you could even combine the two with neutral clothes paired with bright makeup or vice versa! Have fun experimenting with your favourite looks and comment telling me which trend you'll be following this spring.