Thursday, 16 February 2012

Laura Mercier Moistursing Foundation Review

I bought this product a while ago from a counter in John Lewis, I'd say around mid-June. I walked in, white as a sheet like normal with utterly no makeup on, no fake tan no nothing, looking for the 'Silk Cream Foundation' and the assistant was like no no no that's too heavy for your skin, you need to try this, handing me the moisturising foundation. I was like okay well can I swatch it and she turned to the counter and grabbed 'warm ivory' and proceded to put it on me. She also put it on using her fingers which I also thought was odd. I bought the foundation believing friends that were like yeah it looks good! SoI went home continued with life, the next day I went to apply my foundation and was horrified with my orange face!!!!!!!! She gave me the complete wrong colour, I'm usually the lightest shade in everything but after visiting the Laura Mercier website, it's like the 4th shade along. Safe to say, I was pissed after spending £36 for something I didn't want....but, there was no way I was wasting it. I'd checked the policy for returns and apparantly I didn't fall under it.

Now, I had to tell you about that so that you would know my bias. That being said, it does have a nice finish, especially because my skin is a little dry and it's easily buildable. I wouldn't describe the finish as either matte or dewy. It's in the middle sort of. But, if you have any excess oil on your face, it goes streaky and slides right off. I wouldn't reccomend applying this with your fingers (no matter what the sales lady does) application with either a sponge or a dense brush and reeeeeealllllllyyyyyy buff it in! I find it doesn't make a difference whether you work areas seperately or dab it all over and blend it just needs a lot of buffing. The problem with that though is on days when you're lazy, as soon as you put on your powder, you are cakey and actually there's a sticky texture to the makeup too. Odd.

If I have some spare cash I'll try and save up and buy a colour closer to my own skin because I don't want this review to be overly bias, but I honestly don't think it's worth the money for the foundation. I had prolongwear foundation by MAC before that and I didn't like that at first but I grew to love it and now I really really miss it! It was so good, and I'd reccomend that rather than this product, it was a lot easier to work with, and the reason I didn't like it at first was because I was using too much! As soon as I lowered the amount I put on it became a firm favourite, I have to reccomend that rather than this, sorry Laura!