Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lack of Snow

This post is not beauty related, just a quick warning, so if you wish to skip over it please feel free to take a look at my other posts and videos. Also, it's not going to be very long, I'm tired and it's getting late.

I am not a happy bunny. It's flippin' freezing here in Wales BUT unlike all the rest of the UK, we've had no snow! I love snow. I live for snow. I've been checking the forecast for snow since November and we've had one day of ridiculously little flakes that didn't stick and wasn't exciting at all. I'm actually gutted, I can't believe it. Especially after last year where we had a completely white December. What makes it even more annoying is that we got an amber warning from the Met Office for snow too, we were forecast it. Then they changed the forecast like nah, nevermind. I'm very jealous of all you Londoner's who are parading around a snow filled, white city and feeling all wintery. While I just get rain...oh and to top it all off a cold!