Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bobbi Brown's New Collection

In relation to my recent blog 'Nudes vs. Brights', it seems Bobbi Brown has had the same thought with her new collection 'Neons and Nudes'. I have to admit, her title is better, but the concept is essentially the same.
This spring collection consists of a selection of bright lip and eye products with liner and more neutral blushes. Also the option is given of the 'Ultra Nude Eye Palette' and a nude coloured lipstick. Bobbi reccomends pairing a bright eye with neutral lips or vice versa to not overload the look, and I think that's some good (but logical) advice. I know Bobbi Brown can be pretty expensive but if you have some spare cash, check it out and you can count on it being great quality so you're not risking your money. I'd love to hear how you found the collection so if you do buy, or have already, comment below.

Another point I want to add is that MAC have come out with a nude collection too! It's literally called 'Naturally' and I think I will be picking up a few things from there! Considering it's a natural collection, it does look really interesting and pretty, that Mineralize (I'm guessing) Eyeshadow that's a purpley-swirled-with-pink-colour from the picture below looks beautiful. I can't wait to try some of this out.

Again, let me know if you've bought any of this, and there may be a review coming up soon!