Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Hair?!

You have no idea how tempting it was to write mah hurr for the title of this post!

If you've seen my video on this topic you'll already know that I have been going blonde slowly but surely, and I have an appointment at the salon tomorrow to make the final leap and add blonde through the uncoloured hair I have on the top layer!

 It's a pretty big change, and I've been spending way more time than is socially acceptable on Pinterest trying to find the perfect picture of what I want. I'm that person in the hairdresser, yes I know...OCD.

And I think I have found the perfect inspiration in the shape of Ashlee Simpson circa 2007, weird I know! But it's everything I want in a hair colour, off the root so no major upkeep, but less ombre more blonde.

A warm undertone that means the colour will compliment my hair colour, with her kinda ginger roots but still flattering blonde I am cured of my fear that naturally ginger hair doesn't translate to blonde well.

Anddddd, it translates well curly or straight, some ombre kind of colours don't look so great when straight, but this look seems to work both ways!

To keep an eye on how it turns out take a look at my twitter or instagram: @beautifywithbeth and I'll be posing photos tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

200 Subscribers, Injuries and writing while high

I am the most ridiculously clumsy person you will ever meet. This in mind, just take a wild guess at what I managed to do this weekend??? No broken bones, thank god but I am an invalid for the next few days.

No clue? I have pinched a nerve in my back and created a 'muculoskeletal' injury according to the doctor. The next question is obviously how???

By falling down the stairs, and when I say falling down the stairs I literally slipped down only half of them. But I've still managed to really hurt myself and now I can barely move around without pain. 

Yup, I know. I'm an idiot. That's why I missed posting yesterday, because I was in the hospital and drugged out of my mind. I still am drugged up so I mean good luck to you all reading this and congrats for making it this far! I guarantee I'm going to read it back with no clue as to what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, because of that, we'll see how filming goes and whether that's possible for tomorrow's video to go up on time! I'm probably going to take a couple of days to myself until I'm feeling a little better.

I also want to celebrate a small victory, I hit 200 subscribers on youtube yesterday, and have really been gaining a lot of subs over the past few weeks! It's nice to get back to the level I was at before a hiatus. So thank you for subscribing.

Just wanted to keep you guys updated with a little personal post today and regular scheduling will be back soon!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lorde has a MAC COLLECTION!?!?!

When this email landed in my inbox I was in shock, Lorde has a MAC collection? The girl has taken over the world lately but I was still so surprised, for some reason I feel like MAC are quite picky with their celebrity endorsements, even though they usually have a lot they don't have one for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

But! All is not as it appears...Lorde literally has a lipstick and the penultimate eyeliner in her 'collection'. And her lipstick is a deep purple called 'Pure Heroine', like her album. Sound familiar?? MAC's permanent collection holds a deep purple lipstick called Heroine. Safe to say, I won't be purchasing from the Lorde collection, and after getting so excited about the 3D Glitter Collection, this seems a real let down from MAC!

Long story short, I don't know who failed here... MAC's team or Lorde's team but come on guys!!!!

Side note - If you were wondering why I'm posting on a Sunday, my designated day off blogging, I'm making up for my lack of post on Thursday from my failed deleted post. Aaaand I only put up one video this week. Sacrificing my Sunday is my apology!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Video - Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial

New video has gone up today on my YouTube channel! 
Take a look at my other videos and enjoy. Please send me photos if you recreate this look and let me know how you liked it.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The ultimate summer accessory! - And a Sky Broadband FAIL!

This is the second attempt writing this blog post, if you follow me on twitter you'll know that this post was completely finished. I pressed publish aaaaand the internet broke. It's been crashing on and off all day so I should have seen it coming, but I lost everything from the post...so don't judge anything that may not be grammatically perfect I just want to get this post up!!! Screw you Sky Broadband.

With Glasto this weekend there's one underrated summer accessory that is going to be seen everywhere! The straw hat! 

I have been a big fan of the trend since I first went to a festival, almost 4 years ago now! They're perfect for festivals, camping and beach trips where you're going to be spending a few days out in the sun. You can cover your head from the heat, while still having a nice breathable material so you don't feel suffocatingly hot! Also, you can hide any greasiness that dry shampoo hasn't resolved, because who queues for hours for a shower when you're missing your favourite bands?!!

I picked this one up at Camden market for £10, I probably could have haggled but I just wanted it too bad. Put it on while still out and about that day, and haven't taken it off since. If you have seen my Fishtail Braid Tutorial on youtube, you probably saw the guest appearance by this hat. 

And in case you needed any more incentive to pull out a hat for festival season, this is it! Ultimate hipster Kylie Jenner and Beiber's Bae Selena Gomez rocked the summer hat trend in Coachella this year! 

I am so in love that I felt like I had to write a quick post before everyone ran away to Glasto! If you're going, or you're going to any other festivals this summer let me know in the comments! And if you are, will you be trying a straw hat?!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bobbi Brown Corrector Concealer - NEW OBSESSION

I have a new miracle product! I've previously loved the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, and mentioned it here and there in videos, but only bought the concealer without the corrector. I went back and purchased the corrector for something new to try, because I don't have that many Bobbi Brown products.

This corrector is a miracle at cancelling out those under eye circles so that you can slide on a little bit of concealer and actually look awake! It also means you don't have to layer on really thick concealer that cakes to manage to cover those evil dark circles. I'm obsessed with it, and the pinky undertone in my shade - Extra Light Bisque - not only cancels out the blue of dark circles but brightens them too.

The formulation is really light and creamy, which means it doesn't really crease, although I find all products crease a little, especially for a long all-day wear. You also don't feel like you're wearing another layer of makeup on when you wear this, I don't know if it's because you use less concealer but it adds no extra weight to your makeup.

The product is available in all sorts of shades to suit your skin tone, and I find Bobbi Brown has a brilliant shade range! I definitely recommend it, let me know if you've ever tried this corrector, or the creamy concealer!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation - Double Take

The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation was my favourite drugstore foundation when I first started blogging and making videos, so when I was in a sneaky trip to Boots a few weeks ago I repurchased it!

I picked up the lightest shade available just like last time, this was Light Porcelain. I don't know whether they have a different shade range now or whether my skin has changed, but this colour does not do it for me! It's PINK!!!

Straight up pink, like my touché éclat level of pink. I'm so confused because it looks terrible on my skin! I always go for a yellow undertone to my foundation, it just looks better on me, and translates well when I decide to fake tan! So I'm a little bit at a loss of what to do with the product now! I'll probably wait it out until winter when I'm a little paler or mix it with a darker foundation with a much stronger yellow undertone.

I do however still love the consistency of this foundation, it's thicker rather than a runny liquid when you pump it out, so gives you a little bit of a heavier coverage and I'd say a nicer ability to blend. A dewy finish which everyone loves, and the magic touch of a shimmer that doesn't show on our skin but makes sure your skin doesn't look dry by the end of the day!!

Basically, I need to find a better colour that's this pale still but yellow instead of so pink.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fishtail Braid Tutorial

I posted a new video yesterday!A tutorial on how to recreate a fishtail braid!

Let me know what you think of this video and if you want to see the makeup from this video.
If you enjoy take a look through the rest of my youtube videos.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Moon Beam - Discontinued?

This post will be filled with sorrow and mourning over the loss of something dear to me. Moon beam highlighter by Benefit has been DISCONTINUED?!? I had no idea and now it's too late to stock buy my staple summer highlighter!

This beautiful highlighter was in the same line as high beam, but rather than leaving a pale pinky iridescent finish, moon beam was much more yellow based with a darker pink shimmer running through it. This highlighter was basically everything I wanted in life...and now it's gone!

Benefit do have an alternative to High Beam with their product Sun Beam which is a much more bronze based product and almost reminds me of Nars Laguna Illuminator that I previously reviewed.

You can see from the photo it's pretty well loved and I use it a lot! What I want to know now is...Do you have any dupes? Let me know in the comments section, or share your horror stories of discontinued products.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

MAC 3D Glitter - New Shades

This is the most excited I've been for a MAC collection in a long time, even the Maleficent collection didn't really do it for me. But MAC have updated their 3D glitters with 7 new shades and I can't wait to go and try them out.

Basically from the descriptions on MAC's website, each of the shades has a '3D holographic multicoloured glitter' with a specific colour base. These new shades are, from left to right in the photo:
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Brass Gold
  • Lavender
  • Pale Mint
  • Pink
  • And Platinum.

I'm dying over the pale mint, and really want the platinum colour as well! I definitely need to get in store ASAP to swatch (and buy!). 

Comment below if you want to try any of these products? Or if you're excited by any of the other MAC collections?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I'm going BLONDE?!

I've finally posted a video! Since I've been posting on my blog for a little bit already, I thought it was about time I started up with my videos again. So here you go:

You can watch more videos like this on my youtube channel! I would love it if you could take a look and subscribe!
I'll be back tomorrow with another post! :D

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I have a new obsession, and it's something that I'd never thought I'd say. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray has been my absolute go-to for the past few months. Which is so unlike me! I can literally just wash my hair and leave it with nothing else done to it and not flinch at going out like that.

I never usually bother with texturising sprays, mousses, even hairspray. My standard is leave in conditioner, heat protectant and if I'm feeling fancy shine spray.

BUUUT I've recently gone super light with my hair and got a whole heapload of highlights so I'm actually making an effort with it and trying to get really into hair care a lot more! I'm trying to make sure I use as little heat as possible, so when I want wavy/curly hair this has been my go to, so I don't cause more damage to my hair.

You might have seen if you follow me on instagram that I've been working some heatless waves into my routine by plaiting my hair before bed, and spraying surf spray all over!

I really like the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray because unlike other texturising sprays I've experimented with in the past, I don't find that it makes my hair really dry. Which is my ultimate hatred, I like soft shiny hair so anything that dries I run away.

It's been really hot in the UK too, so I basically am doing everything I can to look like I've just rolled off a beach 24/7 and Surf Spray definitely does the job!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Top 5 Summer Products

Colour Tattoos
These have been talked about for the longest time, and I buy into the hype completely. I have about 4 of them in all sorts of colours, but my two favourites are Rose Gold and Bad to the Bronze! They're so great for the summer because they DON'T BUDGE! I can wear them from morning time, go out on a night out and still have to remember to take it off when I get in. I genuinely think I could go and get in the pool and get out with these colour tattoos in tact.

Lumi Magique Foundation
During the summer I tend to try and minimise the amount of foundation I wear, especially on a  day to day, I go with a BB cream or Tinted moisturiser, but I love to have a dewy foundation in my collection for summer. This is my choice for the moment, I really love it, I think it makes my skin look fresh and most importantly for me, hydrated! The dewy finish really helps to counteract any dryness in my skin and makes me look all over healthier.

Fake Up Concealer
Sticking to the skin theme, I am obsessed with the Fake Up concealer by Benefit and will even say my ho-ish concealer tendencies are being put to one side. This concealer is a stick, which to me usually equals dry and for blemishes, but it's not! The actual colour of the concealer is surrounded by a sort of balm that makes sure it stays super moisturising and is perfect for under eye circles. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Like seriously just buy it.

Coralista Blush
Benefit is getting pimped again in this post with Coralista blusher, usually in summer I jump straight into the cream blushes, especially MAC creme blend in Something Special, but for some reason, I've barely used it! I've been wearing Coralista almost every day, I think there's something about the gold sparkles that make it so perfectly summery and glam at the same time. So although it's a powder, which always gets a thumb down for me. I'm a cream kind of girl, this product is amazing!!

Colossal Waterproof Mascara
I always come back to Colossal mascara, there's something about this bright yellow tube that I can't avoid. But I recently picked it up and bought the waterproof formula on accident, which is usually a no-no. Something about waterproof formulas, no matter what the mascara, irritate me, and I can never put my finger on it. I'm happy to say though, I've really been enjoying this product! I've got all my favourite things about the Colossal mascara plus the added bonus of mascara that isn't smudging when my eyes water the tiniest amount.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Coconut Oil!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, from both the beauty and health community, you would have heard of Coconut Oil for sure! It's everyone's new rave about product for everything!

coconut oil and it's benefits

I might have bought the wrong one, and picked up coconut butter, but shush. You don't need to say anything, it's made of 100% coconut oil anyways, as soon as you melt it a little, it's the same as the oil!

Now everyone knows coconut oil for it's moisturising properties, I love running this through my hair and leaving it for a while. But I will say wash it off after an hour  or so, if you leave it on for too long you will have the itchiest scalp! At least I did, and a quick google search told me depending on the person it can make your scalp itchy.

I also love to put this on my ankles, wrists, elbows and knees the day before fake tanning to make sure there's no dry spots. Another good fake tanning tip is that if you have patchy spots, layer this on kinda thick and leave it for a few hours, then when you shower it off, it should be really easy to scrub the fate tan away compared to usual!

Coconut oil also has a natural spf, so if you're a big tanner and like to use oil, coconut oil will be brilliant for that because you still get about 8-16spf.

The next most popular uses of coconut oil is to do with it's numerous health benefits! Everyone seems to have jumped off the olive oil wagon and onto the coconut oil. This is because coconut oil has what's called a high smoking temperature, which basically means that you can heat it a lot without it losing all it's benefits, unlike Olive oil which has a pretty low smoking temperature and is only really good for you if you pour it over a salad etc.

Coconut oil has also been a big contributor to the new craze, which I'm a bit weirded out by called Oil Pulling?! It's basically a way to clean your teeth by swishing oil around your mouth. If you want to read more about the process, Food Matters have a really informative article about it.

Randomly it's so good for conditioning leather too! So if you have a leather sofa or an old leather jacket that's looking a bit tired a quick wipe with coconut oil will make SUCH a difference.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Charles Worthington - Salon at Home Shine Booster Kit

As a Christmas present I got the Charles Worthington Salon at Home Shine Booster Hair Shine Kit (that's a mouthful, huh?) because who in my family doesn't know I'm obsessed with beauty products? I finally started testing it out last week and wanted to let you know my opinions!

First thing is first, I want to talk about the texture of the masque itself,  it's basically a standard creamy texture but I noticed after I use it that my entire hand had little shimmers on it. That was super confusing when I noticed it. I had a moment of looking round my room trying to figure out, what have I touched that's shiny? But it is nice to know that you get an extra shine boost because the product literally has shimmer through it. 

The smell of the product is incredible, and the shampoo and conditioner have the same scent too. I'm about 99.9% sure all Charles Worthington products have the same scent, because this brand used to be my mum's and therefore my own, favourite shampoo. So this scent is kinda familiar from when I was a kid.

The results are what you'd expect, super shiny soft hair.

I also want you to know that this was a gift so I have not looked at the price and am not going to look it up because it would be rude, so this has been judged without context of price and value for money.

Monday, 20 January 2014


I finally got round to making a Facebook page of my blog! I'm super good at updating this, better than I am at twitter sometimes.

Just thought I would let you have a little look, and sorry this isn't a proper post! Blogging is a lot harder to get back into than making a video is, but I am writing and will be back soon!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Area H20 Hard Water Shampoo & Conditioner

I won this product in a twitter competition online and was so excited!
As you know I study in Uni in London and the hard water here is ridiculous, the first couple of days I was here I felt like I needed to wash my hair in the morning and the night because it was just so heavy and had that texture when you have too much product in your hair. Logically it is the limescale in the water sticking to your hair, which is gross when you say it like that.

But soon I started using the Area H20 shampoo and conditioner, and I literally felt an instant difference in my hair being lighter and softer, the softness particularly I find a huge issue. They did warn me that because of the way the shampoo works my hair could feel a little weird for a few days as it gets working but I didn't find that to be the case at all and actually really enjoyed the effects from the first use.

I love the packaging for the shampoo because it has a lid as well as a flip top, it just sort of makes sure everything stays nice and clean and dry! Another annoying thing to do with the water here is that if any products get wet in the shower they'll get limescale on the bottom of it. But lathered nicely in my hair, and because I usually shampoo twice the second one really starts to build more of a lather. The conditioned also leaves your hair feeling soft and silky, and does the job you expect of a conditioner while still getting rid of the build up of gross stuff.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, it really leaves your hair feeling more 'normal', if you started out living in the country or a small town and moved like me then you'll understand. Even if you're born and raised in a city, give it a shot. I bet you'd be surprised at how much of a difference it actually makes.

I think I'm going to start savoring this product a little bit more and using it sort of to clarify my hair when I get a build up on my hair. Like the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo. Although, it's not too pricey going at £9.95 a piece for the shampoo in both normal/fine or coloured - I kinda wish they did one for thick hair - you can buy it on their Area H2O website or Area H20 Shampoo and Conditioner Duo for Hard Water Area - Coloured Hair (2 Products) . Also they do have variations for everyone's location and water type and you can figure out which area you fit into on their website.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rediscovery! Herbalife Scrub

Since I've been so busy lately, (side note, sorry about the lack of posts moving cities = stress) I've not really had an awful lot of time to go and try out new products. So, I've been sticking with old ones, you'd think this would be completely boring and I'd know all the products inside out, but I've found out that isn't the case!

I've recently rediscovered my good old Herbalife Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser * (review here) which I recieved a while ago and have been on and off using since the day I got it. However, I'm not a big fan of scrubs like this, usually, if I want a scrub I want one a lot harsher to really get rid of the dry skin I usually suffer with.

Now, from a mixture of eating weirdly, drinking (hey, it's freshers), staying up late, moving and a whole host of other concoctions, my usually dry skin has also been acting out and even going on the oily side of the spectrum, for me anyway. And this product has really helped stabilise my skin back to what it was before all the madness of going back to uni has done to my body.

You can see in this photo the little beads that exfoliate. I am usually a bit indifferent to this type of exfoliation and usually hit my Liz Earle cleanse and polish, this has really been doing wonders for my skin while still being quick and easy. Instead of trying to hunt down my muslin cloths somewhere in my boxes of stuff until I'm fullly unpacked, this is at hand and you don't need anything but your hand to use it. BIG WIN!

I know Herbalife are known for being a weight loss brand but their skincare products are actually really good, I definitely recommend giving them a shot. Also, everything smells like oranges!!!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

August's Disapointing Product

I'm going to introduce this new series to my blog, of products that have disapointed me. This might not be very often, because I am quite careful when I spend my money, but occasionally there's the odd impulse buy. And out of these impulse buys there can be some crappy products that make it into my collection, and this is sone of them.

This is the Superdrug own dry shampoo, and the scent is nice enough with orange blossom. However, the actual performance of this product is terrible, even from the second it goes on my hair it doesn't make my hair less oily, but rather the opposite, and makes my hair look super dirty and greasy when all I wanted was a little pick me up.

The white cast is also horrific, and I know you expect that from dry shampoo, but this takes it to a whole different level. Even after brushing through the white is left visible on my hair, and I've tried everything to avoid this.

I picked up the Superdrug version because it was on offer and my usual, Batiste (which I will definitely stick to from now on) was not on offer. However, this also meant, that I bought two of these dry shampoos and had to do the unthinkable and throw them out. Usually, even if I'm not a huge fan of a product, I'll use it up, but this was just impossible.

Basically, if this was a tl;dr, summed up, I do not recommend, go for batiste instead.

Ciate Island Hopping Review

I don't often review nailpolishes on this blog, but it does occasionally happen. May I point you to a post from forever ago about my TopShop polishes* which are still some of my favourites.

This polish called Island Hopping by Ciate came in my July Glossybox and I absolutely love it! It's the perfect accent nail for my favourite red of the moment, Rimmel Lasting Finish Polish in Double Decker Red. I also love this colour on the toes while my fingers are red, it sort of makes them more co-ordinated and like I made an effort.

The colour is a gorgeous red filled with orange and gold reflex, and although it is beautiful in the bottle, a colour this orange toned and sparkly on all of my nails is a bit much for my pale skin. Hence pairing it with the Rimmel colour so it's only one nail.

The application from the brush is beautiful and one layer is enough for an opaque coverage, however, mostly from habit, I'll always still apply two.

It's definitely a summery colour, which you can tell by the name, but it's also multiseasonal and will easily be able to transition into autumn/fall and even winter.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Kardashian Kontouring

New video went up again today! My 'Kardashian Kontouring' routine using only cream product. The lighting  is blanking out the depth of the contour to be perfectly honest, so I'll work on not having such bright lighting.

If you want to see more videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Video: My First Time and Update!

So, the youtube embed thing won't load for me for some reason. Which is super duper annoying when I already am late posting this on the blog side of things because it's been up on youtube for a few days.

However you will find a link to the video here and as ever in a video post on my blog, my youtube channel can be found here. Let's improvise with clicky links!

Also, just want to let you know why things have been a bit off on the blog this week. I.e. my twitter links haven't been going up as well as this post! I've been away in St david's in West Wales for the week with my mum, and I only had my phone hotspot to try and get on here so I had everything scheduled and it was all planned! As always, things never work out seamless as planned. If you haven't noticed, oops, I just pointed it out but if you had, that's why! Things should resume as normal from now on, and a new video will be up tomorrow!

Top 3 Drugstore Blushes!

I am not a huge blush fanatic, however blush can transform a look, and I'm slowly falling more into experimenting with this particular type of product. So it's about time for a post on my top 3 drugstore makeup blushers.

In 3rd place is my MUA cream blush in Bittersweet. This product is a lovely pink with peachy undertones, easy to wear colour that is brilliant for spring and summer, and ha been used a lot over this time period.

In 2nd place comes my Sleek powder blush in Pixie Pink. This is super bright, and almost a fluro pink so you would think with my pale skin, this is a no no. However, just the opposite, this is gorgeous with a light dusting across the apples of my cheeks I really get that 'english rose' sort of blush. You know the one, it makes you look like you've just run for the bus, but in a good way. Also, the outside of the packaging is gorgeous, so much so, in fact that I had to include a photo of it in this post.

Flash on
Flash off

And my top drugstore blusher is most definitely my TopShop cream blush in Head Over Heels. Although not as long-lasting, and a little 'wetter' in it's creaminess this acts as a dupe for my MAC Cremeblend blush in Something Special. I absolutely love this blush and actually love it for sentimental reasons because it was blush of choice on my 18th birthday. However, it photographs terribly and I can't get the exact shade to show, which is annoying for a blogger like me. Basically it's the middle of these two colours.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tempest Fashion Ltd

Last Saturday the 10th August I went to an event in Cardiff for an upcoming fashion brand called Tempest. The whole thing was inside Ladybird nightclub and was a pop up shop and showcase of Tempest's different dresses and tops.

I have to say, the event itself was a lot smaller scaled and not as exciting as I was expecting, with just one small room being dedicated to this all day event. As well as that, one of the advertised appearances of AK from the TV show the Valleys was just sort of there, I can't say I was particularly upset about it because I don't really watch the show. It was just a little bizarre as she seemed to just kind of be there and around the place rather than promoting the brand as I was expecting.

Anyway, the clothes themselves were absolutely gorgeous, and because Tempest is a small fashion boutique which sells mostly online, it makes the items feel less common, if you buy a dress from TopShop you know anyone could have it, with Tempest 9/10 you won't find someone else in the same outfit.

I've just got a few photos of my two favourite items from Tempest to include in this post.

First is the Riri dress which is backless white/cream dress with lace trim on it. I absolutely love this and it's one of those 'birthday' dresses which you feel really snazzy in.

Next is the Mollie and this was my absolute number one fave of the day and I think I want it in both of the colours!I saw a model for the company wearing it in cream and was smitten from that moment, but unfortunately the cream is just a sample and they don't currently stock it.

You may be able to tell that all of their clothes are names, which is a really cute touch. They all seem to be girls names as well, it's just sweet being like "oh yeah I wore my lucy dress last night" to a friend.

One thing I will say, is that some of these items are expensive, but considering it's a boutique and the quality, Tempest is definitely one of those brands that you'll treat yourself with every now and then and keep in the wardrobe for a while rather than popping to the shops and buying things for the sake of it.

You can find Tempest on Facebook and if you do go and check them out, tell them I sent you! Also, to save you time, you will find their stockists online at Asos, Designer Desirables, Vestry and Minnies Boutique. However they also have physical boutiques in south Wales!